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Four years.


When they say that the four years fly by I never really imagined it to be like this. On the other hand, I never really imagined a global pandemic interrupting it either. It feels like only yesterday that I packed up my belongings and left behind everything I had ever known to start a life I will now never forget. It’s almost as if these four years have made me into an entirely new person and created who I will be for the rest of my life.


Freshman year gave me new beginnings, new friendships, new food groups, new sleeping habits, new music tastes, too much dominos and my forever best friend. Sophomore year gave me laughter, it gave me a new job, it gave me new sense of responsibility, it gave me late nights, it ignited feelings and then granted me heartbreak. Junior year gave me enough money to buy a new car, my first apartment, roommate drama, finally learning to cook (and the occasional smoke detector going off), I turned twenty one, I drank a little too much and never studied enough. It ended with COVID-19 and shifted my life completely. Senior year gave me yearning for normalcy, the first time in three years that I had my own bedroom, a new job, a new wardrobe, a hamster (don’t tell my landlord), a new found love to everything I never cherished enough and the biggest heartbreak of all…. The finale of my college years.

Recently it has been really hard for me to accept that it’s ending, as I am sure it is for many of us. The last four years have been the best of my life and there is nothing I would do to change the way it has impacted me. Try to reflect on the greatest moment's you have experienced the last four years.

Although it is sad that it is over, once again you will be acquainted with new beginnings. You will find new friends on your next adventure, but hold the ones in your heart forever. You’ll make new memories outside of the ones you constantly think about. You’ll fall even more in love with the life you’ve started for yourself. You’ll always remember what those four years gave you and who it led you to be. You will never forget. Here's to the next. 

Congratulations class of 2021! This one’s for us.

I really enjoy Gucci and Harry Styles collectively
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