Lessons From My Little Sisters

When I was 16 and found out my mom was expecting twins, I thought my life was over. I was young and selfish, and was worried they would consume all of my parents time. I was scared I would be forgotten about, but I knew my parents were excited, so I tried to turn how I felt around. It didn’t feel real until my whole house had been turned into a nursery, and even then it wasn't until I held them for the first time that I realized my life was truly going to change. Everything was about to be different.

The day my sisters were born was the best day of my life! I remember leaving school that day and heading straight to the hospital to meet them. I got to hold Abigail and I instantly fell in love. They were born premature so I did not get the chance to hold Ella until a few days later in the NICU but from that day on, all my fears disappeared.

Throughout high school and my time spent at home during college breaks, I always try my hardest to help out my parents the best I can. Yes, it is tough but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Some days or nights spent at home babysitting at first felt like a chore, but now I love spending time with them every chance I get. I love taking them out to explore new places or just to the playground down the street. Now that I am at college, I regret not spending every second with them while I was still in high school. They are starting to understand the concept of college, so every time I have to go back to school they make it so much harder to leave, they never want me to go.

My sisters are now almost four and just started preschool this fall. It amazes me that children so young have taught me some of the most important life lessons. I have learned how important it is to care for one another and to always have each others back. The unconditional love my sisters have for each other and everyone else is so amazing. If someone is upset or crying, they always make sure the other is ok. My sisters do everything together and although they do not always get along, they try their hardest to share and be compassionate. My sisters have also taught me that you do not always get everything you want, but that's okay. I think that is an important skill, to be able to compromise and put others before yourself sometimes. To my friends, I am now known as the "mother" of the group. From always having an extra snack in my bag to helping people when they are in need, I definitely feel motherly after all of the time I have spent with my sisters.  Before they were born I was selfish to think my parents should put my happiness before their own. I am so thankful to have Ella and Abigail in my life, I don't even know where I would be today if it wasn't for them. I wouldn't have wanted my life to turn out any other way. Now, I laugh when I look back on how scared I was. You don’t always get what you want but sometimes what you didn't want turns out to be better than what you thought you wanted originally.