Learning to Say No is one of Life's Hardest Lessons

I’ll admit it, I am a natural-born people-pleaser. It’s something that I have struggled with my whole life because I always want to be able to help others in any way that I can. If someone asks me to help out, I want to because I also struggle with constantly wanting to be liked by others as well, despite that being one of my worst personality traits. People always ask me, why do you care so much about what other people think of you? And I don’t always know what to say. I have always wanted to be that person that people will go to for anything, and if people like me, then word will get around and I will have a decent reputation, right? Even writing all of this out, it kills me because I know that you are probably rolling your eyes right now thinking, why does this girl care so much? It’s my fatal flaw.

I can’t sit here and tell you how to say no or teach you a huge life lesson on what in your life is worth saying yes to, but I can provide some comfort by telling you how I don’t exactly have it figured out yet either. I am the type of person who wishes there were more hours in the day, but that is something that isn’t possible. I want to cherish every moment of every day and not let my laziness and stubbornness get in the way of a bright future that is out there, so I take every opportunity that I can. But saying yes to everything is something that I definitely do not recommend doing, take it from someone who knows.

This article is advice to me, a pact, a vow, whatever you may want to call it, to stop saying yes to everything all of the time. In the end, you have to make sure that you are taking care of yourself because you only have one life, one body to live in, and one purpose. You are who is going to be left at the end of the day and let’s be real, we want you to be all in one piece.