Leap of Faith

Entering freshman year at UNH, I didn’t know anyone else on campus. Coming from Pennsylvania, I had expected not to know anyone to room with, so, like many other freshmen, I went random for my roommates. I was placed in a built up triple in Williamson Hall which, may I add, is a very….. Compact living situation. Living with people who you do not know is frightening, especially as a freshman. You can barely live without your family, nevermind with two brand new people. However, I survived.

 As a sophomore, I haven’t spoken to my ex-roommates except in passing. I had hoped to fall in love with my freshman year roommates, or hallmates, and have the best-ever college experience, but things don’t always go according to plan. 

Although going random freshman year may not have gone my way, I took a leap of faith and decided to go with a random roommate this year in Haaland Hall. This leap of faith seems to have been one of the best decisions I have made at UNH. 

My new roommate - and bestest friend - is Nicole! We met on move in day and hit it off right off the bat. Within the first month of school we have done so many great things together: made new friends in our hall, joined a sorority (we’re both in Kappa Delta btw) and have so many fun things planned for this year (and next!). 

We may not always be on the same page, but we always seem to make it work. We are different, yet very much the same in other ways. Living with a random roommate (or any roommate!) can be so difficult, but we seem to be starting our year off right. After freshman year and feeling like I still hadn’t found my friend group (which I never have had, even back home in Pennsylvania), I finally feel like I’ve found a safe and warm homey friend group to come back to every night in Haaland. 

I highly recommend taking a leap of faith and going random with your roommate if you are in a sticky spot for housing like I was. You never know what could happen… As for friends, be as outgoing as you can be and always stay KIND!

Friends will always find their way to you as long as you remain true to yourself. Good luck!