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Kate’s Royal Pregnancy Update

Royal Baby No.2 is on the way!

The world is fluttering with the new news of Kate Middelton, Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with her second prince. Born July 22nd of last year, his royal highness Prince George of Cambridge will have a brother or sister in seven months.

Unfortunately, this royal pregnancy is anything but smooth sailing for Kate. Suffering from a rare severe pregnancy sickness “hyperemesis gravidarum”, Kate has to stay home and in bed for a majority of the pregnancy. According to americanpregnancy.com the condition only effects 1-2% of pregnant women. Unlike the typical morning sickness that 70-80% of pregnant women experience, “hyperemesis gravidarum” is a morning sickness that doesn’t stop after the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy as it normally should. The condition can cause severe dehydration as well.

Because of Kate’s condition she had to miss her trip to Malta for the celebration of the Medeterain Island Nation celebrating their 50th anniversary of independence. Prince William, second in line for U.K throne, took her place. According to E! News, when a visitor asked William how Kate was doing he responded saying, “she’s so-so.” William also stated to the crowed that Kate was upset she had to miss the trip, it would have been her first trip alone abroad.

Fun Fact! The new baby will be the great-great-great-great-great grandchild to Queen Victoria!

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