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Joey Rotondo

Meet this weeks Campus Celebrity Joey Cloughety also known as Joey Rotondo! Joey is infamous on UNH campus for being a jokester. His latest accomplishment is winning the title of Mr. UNH last week. To learn more about Joey, read below!

Name: Joey Clougherty

Hometown: Winthrop, MA

Grade: Senior

Major: Business Administration: Marketing and FInance

Activities/Clubs: UNH Sales



How did it feel to win the title Mr. UNH? On top of the world and like a little pimp

How did you prepare for the talent portion? My roommates put me in it a week before and I was making a music video so I knew I would blow the competition away with it

What is your favorite article of clothing you own? All white jordan flip flops

What is your favorite thing about UNH? Campus, good people, night life

What qualities are youwould look for in a future Mrs. UNH? Smarts and creativity 

Scorps or Libbys? Scorps- they’re my people, and I’m the only non-girl that gets drinks for free sometimes

Philly, Stillings, or Hoco? Stillbo-Baggins  small and cute just like me

If you could vacation in only one U.S. state, which would it be? Hawaii

If you could pick next weeks Campus Celebrity who would you pick?  Jennifer Aniston or me every week

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