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The Intern’s Handbook


The Intern’s Handbook follows veteran assassin, John Lago, through his last job – well, murder – at Human Resources, Inc.  HR Inc. is a shell company for a potent assassination firm, who targets the who’s who of the business world.  Whether it is an insider job, one board member taking a hit out on another, or an external job between two different companies, HR Inc. takes care of the hit with precision.

The story features a cast of defective characters, doing atrocious things you could never even imaging yourself carrying out.  It definitely grabbed my attention.

This novel would be a very easy read to bring along on your Spring Break, especially if you want a great page-turner to occupy your time on your flight or drive.  This storyline is provocative and unlike anything I have previously read, with some interesting twists sprinkled throughout.

The writing is razor sharp and the humor is dark, depending on your personality, you will love it or loathe it.  The Booklist exclaimed, “Those who like Dexter will love John Lago,” and I definitely agree.

Kuhn does not sensor what his character Lago is thinking, which may easily offend some readers.  There are hints of misogyny throughout the story, though; I attributed this to the character of Lago and his rough life style, rather than deflecting that onto the author.  I would not recommend this book if you find a writing style like this to be offensive.  However, I found the novel to be entertaining and with less than 300 pages, it’s a great read.

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