Indy is My Influencer


Hey y’all, 


So hear me out, I’ve never really been a real fan girl before, like of course I have had some love for famous people (Hannah Montana and James Patterson- yes, I do mean you guys) but growing up nothing really stuck to me for long. I guess because maybe I couldn’t exactly relate to them, really connect with them.  Well a year ago, that all kind of changed when I came across TheLonelyGhostCompany on Instagram. At first, I fell in love with their clothes...the iconic "Indy The Label", and "I Love You Say It Back". At first I just thought it was a clothing line, but I found so much more. I soon fell in love with the meaning to it all. 


MacBook Air on white desk beside gold-colored study lamp and spiral books Arnel Hasanovic, Unsplash

As I continued to like all the photos on Instagram, it occurred to me that it seemed like there was this account, IndyBlue...

She is a writer. She’s an influencer to over 300,000 people. With her travel videos, her love life with her high school sweetheart Jackson Dunford, the concerts, the tweets, the sweatshirts, and now… a precious baby boy, she’s unstoppable. She's Indy Severe. One of my favorite things about her, is that she is living in one of my biggest dreams, and she’s no one but herself. Indy is was once one of us, she is real, she’s relatable. Sometimes with influencers all you have is someone who paints this picture that they aren’t even in. The passion that comes from her writing, and oh my god- the way she writes, the video edits, the love she has for her readers and fans and to think she just started traveling 5 years ago…it's crazy to see what one is capable of  


post it wall of love Kyle Glenn

Finding an influencer like Indy and TheLonelyGhostCo, have helped me see the world more. I have met new people, people who like the same things as me, people who actually relate to me. People get what it is like being in your 20’s in this day and age. With everything changing around us, not knowing what the hell you’re going to do with your life. Just knowing you aren’t alone, is pretty cool.  I have been able to connect with other readers of her writing, people who just want to spread the hype and love. One of the best parts is, being able to connect it with my best friend (hey mags), allowing us- together, seeing new things, giving us inspiration on how we can change the world. Having real life conservations about real life things....Indy if you're reading this, I can't thank you enough for being you. 

I have a lot of dreams in this world, future plans that might seem impossible, but Indy makes them seem possible, or maybe I am crazy, but at least I’m having fun right? 


So like I said, Thanks Indy, and the Ghost Gang, and as always, ilysib and text me when you get home…