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The Importance of Being Politically Active

As I’m sure you know, we’re living in a very politically divided time in our country. Big changes are happening surrounding gun control, reproductive rights, healthcare, environmental, and immigration policies- among so many more things. All of these policies affect us in some way or another, so one of my least favorite things to hear on campus is people saying that they hate politics.


Now don’t get me wrong, it can be a heavy topic and it’s not my first choice to start an argument with someone. But this does not mean we should be complacent in what goes into our legislature. As young adults in an academic setting we should be using the knowledge we’re gaining to find what were passionate about. Then once you’ve found something that you want to stand up for, use your voice to support that cause.

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To say that you don’t care about politics is horribly ignorant, when we have the liberties to fight for what we believe in. Additionally, there is no excuse to claim to not be educated enough. I am definitely not an expert on politics, nor do I know the exact ins and outs of how politics work, but I have found things that I am passionate about. It’s so rewarding to know that, as young people we have the power to make a difference and joining an activist group or listening to someone talk on a topic you may not have full knowledge on.


Regardless of what side, or party you belong to, there’s also so many ways on campus to make your voice heard or educate yourself. Some of my favorites among SO MANY are:

Going to MUB Talks (this past week was David Hogg, school shooting survivor who spoke on gun control)

UNH Planned Parenthood Generation Action Meetings

Attending Safe Zones seminars/panels

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