If You Give a Girl a Big Brother…

If you give a girl a big brother, she’ll always have someone to rely on.

Someone to have her back before she can hold her own. He will do his best to keep her from harm and threaten those who hurt her. He will be her personal body guard no matter what the situation.  You give her someone who, even if they grow apart as they grow older, will always be on her side.

If you give a girl a big brother, you give her a built-in best friend.

A friend who will celebrate her success and comfort her failures. A friend who will teach her how to roll with the guys and build a strong back-bone. A friend who will be around from her first steps to her first legal drink, always encouraging her to have just one more with him.

If you give a girl a big brother, you give her a man that inspires her.

You give her someone to constantly look up to. Someone’s who work ethic, intelligence, and selflessness will continually motivate her to do and be better. Someone who’s optimism will teach her that with a good heart and a sense of humor, she can tackle anything that life throws her way.

If you give a girl a big brother, she will forever be grateful.

"Thanks" and "grateful" are two words that she will never be able to use enough when it comes to his presence in her life. She will be grateful that when she feared walking through the halls on her first day of high school, he was there to give her a pep talk and assure her there was nothing to be afraid of. She will remain grateful that no matter how many different directions they get dragged in or the miles that may separate them one day, she has a shoulder to cry on, someone to back her up with mom and dad, and most importantly a friend forever friend who has seen her highs and lows and yet he still loves her unconditionally.