If Writing Eases Your Mind, Her Campus is for You

What do you turn to when you’re struggling to managing racing thoughts? What calms you in the midst of turmoil? If the answer is reading and being inspired by the pieces of others, writing to clear your head, or even just spending time with those who share your interests, I would strongly consider joining the Her Campus crew. 

I came across the Her Campus at UNH Instagram account this past fall, and was immediately drawn in. The female empowerment and a strong sense of community that I felt by just looking at the Instagram page was something that caught my attention, inspired me, and influenced me to join Her Campus at UNH.

For me, this past year has brought a tremendous amount of self-growth, a shifting mindset, bouts of self-doubt and confidence, strengthened friendships, and so much more. It has definitely been a year of change for many of us in the midst of a pandemic. While sometimes I’m able to ease my tension by moving my body (usually running), listening to music, taking an extra long shower, calling a long-time friend, or sitting with my cup of coffee in the morning before the hustle of the day starts, I’ve always been able to clear my head by writing. Journaling is something that I’ve done for as long as I can remember, and although I may not do it regularly, I always feel better after getting some of my loose thoughts out on paper. It’s been a therapeutic outlet, especially during times that feel overwhelming. 

Similarly, I’ve always enjoyed creative writing. Whether it was writing poetry for class or reading the work of others, it’s always been enjoyable to me. However, as a nursing major, I feel that over time my classes have become much more focused on practical application of sciences, and my practice of writing has slowly dwindled away besides my personal journaling. This is yet another reason why I knew that I wanted to be involved in Her Campus at UNH. 

Although joining Her Campus this year has been a different experience while dealing with COVID-19, I’m looking forward to meeting and spending time with the strong women whose articles I admire so much in the (hopefully) near future.