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I Think Astrology Helps Us Love Ourselves

Now, I am no astrologer, but I have a little something to say about how the stars are aligned and how that affects us- or at least what It says about ourselves. I am a cancer woman, meaning I was born in the middle of July. What does this mean? I don’t know, I guess it depends on your point of view on astrology and the depth of your appreciation for it. I myself am not exactly sure where I stand on this topic… but I do believe that reading into your specific astrology sign can be helpful to you in more ways than you think.

There are always going to be things we do not love about ourselves or even like about ourselves. I, personally, am not afraid to admit that I am super prone to get embarrassed about little things. Whether it was something my parents said in front of my friends, my hair looking a little bit frizzy at school, or even the way I said “here” during attendance. I Hate the inherent part of me that is sometimes overly self-conscious and easily humiliated over literally…nothing. 

I do not like the part of me that can sometimes lose my temper. I can be a sweet quiet angel one second and the next I’m Satan’s identical twin. While we’re at it, I also don’t like how I know deep down that I have a manipulative side- I tend to know how to get what I want, and I can sometimes use my evil powers to get it. I don’t like my accidental terrible listening skills, don’t love my reaction of tears whenever someone even tries to raise their voice at me and I absolutely hate how defensive I can be at any given time.

See, I know more than anyone that not every part about ourselves is admirable or something to be thrilled about. And, sure. Of course, there are things I do like about myself. Of course, I will admit that. But, it is not always easy to recognize these admirable things amongst the weight of the negative attributes. 

I found out my zodiac sign was a cancer when I was around 11-years-old. I remember being in Cape Cod with my mom at an adorable little market, looking at handmade bracelets and necklaces a sweet old woman was selling. My mom was coining a small charm that read “Taurus” in pastel green and deep red. She explained to me that her birthday meant that her sign was a Taurus, and that meant that she was bold, strong and patient. 

I also picked up a Taurus charm until my mom explained to me that since I was born in the summer, I belonged to a completely different sign. I was in a whole separate category. I was born a cancer.

I still have my cancer necklace charm, although the necklace chain broke somewhere like two weeks after we had purchased the jewelry.  I loved the quaint little charm I had collected, but I never really thought about astrology until my freshman year of college. My freshman year was a time of immense growth, and it was the first time I felt like I was truly in touch with myself and my feelings. I must have read some sort of Instagram or VSCO post detailing the characteristics of a cancer. All I know is that as soon as I did, something clicked in me, and something just made sense about it.

I started to read my horoscope, I loved seeing astrology content anywhere and I would always scope the internet for more information on my sign. I got from that research that, according to the stars up above, I am innately motherly, intuitive and deeply caring as a companion. Reading that information warmed my heart, and it just simply made me happy.

My father does not believe in astrology… at all. We have a running inside joke between us that he used to think I was a smart girl until I started talking about how zodiac signs have actual value to our life. Those jokes are funny, and I don’t even really know if I think zodiac signs have a hold on our lives. But, I wholeheartedly believe that there is nothing wrong with investing in something that tells you things that affirm your sense of self-love. 

Reading about my sign helps me love myself. I know it does. I have read countless posts about how cancers are insanely sensitive to others’ feelings, how we are naturally funny to most, and how cancer women make the best mothers in the world. And in turn, I believe that about myself. What is the harm in believing those things?

When we believe in the strength in our zodiac, we affirm these beautiful traits in our life. We become those amazing characteristics. And so what if it sounds crazy. I think if It helps us see the good in ourselves and ignore the negative, it’s worth giving a listen to.

Hi! I'm Hannah Baxer and I'm an English major at the University of New Hampshire!
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