I Am Not A Murderer, I'm Just Obsessed With Murder Mysteries

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Hey girl, I see you cozied up in bed scrolling through Netflix looking for your next binge worthy murder mystery series that will keep you up all night. But we aren’t talking about sleepless nights because of being afraid of the dark, we mean up all night because you have no self control and can’t stop watching these crazy stories unfold! So coming from a True Crime Addict herself, let’s dive into the seven top documentaries and True Crime Thrillers that you deserve that are available on Netflix right now!

Conversations With The Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

Image result for Conversations With The Killer; The Ted Bundy Tapes gifsTed Bundy, one of the first men to ever be coined as the term “Serial Killer”. But how could a man with such a “Boy Next Door” charm to him and a personable demeanor attempt to evade conviction for killing over 30 women, escape prison twice, and almost getting away with it all you may ask?

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Well lock your doors, grab your favorite wine, put on some fuzzy socks and start popping some popcorn ladies cause this series is about to blow your mind.

Abducted in Plain Sight

Young Jan Broberg is abducted from her tight knit community in Idaho by the one person the family least expected, their neighbor and beloved family friend...Twice.

Image result for making a murderer gifIf that doesn’t shock you enough, then get ready to dive into a level of confusion, anger and frustration you’ve never experienced before. Watching the Brobergs get caught up in this mastermind’s web that they said they “never saw coming” is going to leave you speechless...and not in a good way.

American Crime Story: The Assassination Of Gianni Versace

In this spectacular new American Crime Story series, Darren Chris transforms from the adorable Glee kid we all know and love…

 The Assassination of Gianni Versace  gifs...to a stone cold killer. Not only is this adaptation of the tragedy that was Andrew Cunanan's murder of legendary designer Gianni Versace visually and cinematically stunning. This climactic and captivating thriller shines a light on every facet of this case, really diving in and imagining the world of these two individuals in ways that we never would have had the opportunity to see.

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Death row, the location of the nation’s most dangerous killers, but are they all truly evil?

Related imageThis series on Netflix brings you in depth interviews with 10 inmates on death row and their stories. Each episode enters a new mystery that will captivate you and leave you to decide if those who were sentenced to death are actually evil or were a product of their environment.

Evil Genius: The True Story of America's Most Diabolical Bank Heist

Image result for evil genius netflixA pizza man walks out of a bank with a lollipop in his mouth, a bag full of money, a bomb around his neck and a cartoon looking gun as a cane. Related imageFollowing the true story of the Pizza Bomber, This mind bending mystery takes you on a scavenger hunt from hell that leaves one man dead and one women charged with the manipulation of many. How did Marjorie Diehl Armstrong create such a tortuous tale and, the more pressing question, why did she do it?

Making a Murder Season 2

Image result for making a murderer gifThe story of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey that captured the world's attention is back again to debunk any biases that may have came across in the first season. This time they bring us on the journey that leaves you with nothing but the cold, hard facts of Avery and Dassey innocence and their fight for justice. Trust me, this season is going to leave you like...Image result for making a murderer gif

The Staircase

In this chilling documentary Michael Stevenson shares the tragic story of how his beloved wife died due to a fatal fall down the staircase in their home. But the medical examiners of this crime see a different story unfolding on that fateful night. Who is right, who is to blame or is the whole story just…..

Image result for the staircase netflix gifWell that’s for you to find out because I don’t want to spoil any of the the juicy details. But one thing is for sure, after watching this you’re going to want to stay away from taking the stairs wherever you go for a while.

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So just cancel all your weekend plans now and get comfy because we have a prediction that with all these true crimes to watch you and your bestie are going to be like this all weekend...


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The forensics, the puzzling clues and the unexpected twists in these seven cases will definitely curb your appetite for crime. And don’t worry ladies, we know you don’t enjoy these series because your life goal is to be one of the killers. But if Mystery Inc. isn’t real and the cops can’t figure out some these crimes then who else is gonna? I am sure we will be able to help them out, so keep slothing and enjoy!