How UNH Helped Me Meet My Best Friend

A big stressor for a lot of kids going into college is the living situation. It’s an enormous adjustment, and we’re constantly bombarded with questions about who we’re living with and where. While a lot of people meet their roommates over Facebook or knew them previously, going random is something a lot of people choose. Going “random” means the school will choose who you’re living with and where based on a short test of personal preferences. Of course, we all hear horror stories about crazy roommates and drama that accompanies them which can cause a build-up of anxiety. Fortunately, I got lucky. My freshman year I was placed in a built-up triple with two roommates. At first I did my own thing as I already had friends living in the same building. I’d always be out of my room and spending time with the friends I had met at orientation rather than hanging out with the people I lived with. This was probably not the best way to start freshman year.

After the first few weeks I realized I didn’t know anything about my roommates, and honestly, it was kind of awkward living with strangers. I started to make an effort to be around more so eventually one of the girls and I became really close. We bonded over annoying people and things in our tiny dorm, friends from home that had similar issues, a strong love for acai bowls, and our slight hatred for the dining halls. This random roommate became my best friend and probably the best thing UNH has ever done for me. She takes care of me when I’m sick, makes sure I take my vitamins in the morning and brush my teeth before bed. We rarely disagree on anything and have never had an actual fight. Our schedules are completely in sync and we still do a lot together even though we have friends outside of each other. I truthfully don’t think I’ve ever had a better, more supportive friend and I’m thankful everyday to have her in my life.

My advice for someone who is on edge about having a random roommate is to get to know them. Spend time with this new person. Open up to them and also be prepared to listen. While you may not want to expand your circle to new people, you may end up meeting someone that’s amazing and will be a big part of your life for a long time. Olivia and I are both sophomores going on juniors, and we’ve made the decision that we’re going to live together until we graduate because we really wouldn’t be able to survive living with anyone other than each other. I truly hope that everyone finds a friend like this at least once in their lives because my best friend is an actual angel and a blessing. My life is so much better with her by my side!

P.S. I’m writing this while sitting next to her and she’s going to have no clue until she reads it after it’s published (because she’s my #1 fan of course).