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In order to throw a Halloween party that will be the talk of the year and have everyone reminiscing on the memories from that night, there are a few staple ideas to make that happen!

  1. Make a halloween costume contest with a surprise award at the end. Though it is obvious that everyone should be dressing up for the party, having a surprise award for the best costume will make things a little bit interesting. It’s not a shock that people try harder with a prize at the finish line. This could motivate the costumes to be more creative and less basic. The award could be anything ranging from money to a fake engraved trophy. People love to win things and this could spice up the party.
  2. Get creative with the food. Pinterest will be your best friend for this idea. There are an infinite number of creative foods/snacks you could make in order to please your guests. Though some may look gross, I have had plenty and they were all delicious! This attracts the guests to try the food because of how intrigued they are; that way you wont have as many stale chips left over at the end of the night 
  3. Decorate. You can’t throw a halloween party without going the extra mile with decorations. If you think you aren’t that creative and are having trouble coming up with ideas, go on Youtube and look at all the DIY’s that people have done in the past. Come up with something new instead of just hanging spiders on the wall. Decorations make for a conversation starter and the compliments of a project you did from scratch always feel good. 
  4. Have a few games ready to play. Instead of having people standing around and talking, prepare a few games to help people have the unforgettable experience you are trying to create. Some ideas include bobbing for apples, a Monster Mash dance contest, a themed scavenger hunt or having guests reach their hand in a bucket to try and guess what they’re touching. This idea always gives people a good laugh and spices up the night. 

Putting the effort into a Halloween party is worth the outcome. Most of the ideas can be sparked from just getting supplies from the dollar store. You don’t need to have a high budget to throw an incredible party. Don’t think of this as work to do, have fun and get creative; you want people to have a good time, including yourself.

My name is Madison Sullivan and I am from a small town in Connecticut called North Branford. I am a Business Management major with a minor in HMP and I am not sure exactly what I want to do when I graduate. My hobbies include reading when I have time, going to the gym, and playing with my dog, Buddy.
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