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How To Care For Yourself When You Feel Burnt Out

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Life can be hard, and life in college can be even harder. Below I have listed five different techniques to use when you find yourself getting burnt out and need a reboot.

1) Meditate

This is a great method to use to clear your mind and re-center yourself when you feel yourself spiraling. Meditation can be used in many different forms, you just have to find the one that works best for you.

2) Yoga

Yoga is a great way to work with both your mind and body to rid yourself of unwanted tension and stress. This an awesome technique, as the body holds its stress in many different places, not just the mind. Allowing yourself to move in a way that you need, not what everyone else expects, helps to exert some of that stress and tension you may not know you had.

3) Journal

Journaling is a great way to get out everything that you have not had the opportunity to share with anyone or stuff you may not want to tell anyone but need off your conscience. This can be whatever is on your mind, whether it is your social life, school, work, family or anything you want out. This is amazing because there are no consequences to journaling, and if you continue to do so and make it a habit, you will find yourself much more calm throughout your week.

4) Self-care

Take some time to buy that sweatshirt you’ve been wanting, take that bubble bath or eat that dessert you’ve been wanting. Spoil yourself; you deserve it. Sometimes we need to treat ourselves and we forget that putting your needs first needs to be a priority.

5) Feed Your Mind

Finally, start embracing some healthy habits for your mind such as reading. Reading is an amazing way to continue to strengthen and challenge yourself mentally. Finding a book that truly speaks to you and getting lost in it is a great way to relieve your mind of that unwanted stress and pressure.

Student at the University of New Hampshire majoring in psychology and minoring in social work.