How to Survive the Holidays Being A Vegetarian

How to Survive the Holidays Being a Vegetarian


As the holiday season is quickly approaching, the dread of being a vegetarian escalates. A fellow vegetarian might be wondering how they could enjoy this holiday with their carnivorous family members. The struggle of having to explain to your family why you aren’t eating the turkey and then the potential looming conversation of why you are a vegetarian is distressing. The debate of vegetarianism isn’t something you want to get into over family dinner. There is also the alternative of only eating carbs for a month straight or having serious food FOMO.

Thankfully there are some helpful tips and recipes that can help a vegetarian thrive throughout this questionable life choices time period. For example, if you are traveling to another relative’s house think potluck. There is some fun vegetarian fall themed recipes that everyone could enjoy. Some of the highglights are...

stuffed butternut squash


 fall vegetable ricotta pizza

 roasted vegetable galette


Not to mention all of these foods are all prettier than a turkey. Also, as exhausting as the holidays are, if you are feeling up to it you could be the hostess. That way you have the control of making sure that everyone, including yourself is able to enjoy the day. Lastly, there is nothing wrong with indulging on the holiday staples including apple and pumpkin pie.  

            The holidays are about gratitude, thankfulness and giving to others. While the meal with the family makes it all the more special. Its import tat to remember that we are lucky enough to be sitting down at the table with a variety of food and a room full of people you love. Vegetarian or carnivore you can spend time volunteering for local shelters or food banks. Happy Holidays!!