How I'll Be Spending My Valentine's Day

As a single young woman in college, there is no reason to spend Valentine’s Day sulking in your dorm room. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate LOVE, in all forms. Whether it is friendship or relationship, I’m sure we all have plenty of love to go around.

This year, it is no longer Valentine’s Day for me. Instead, it’ll be “Galentine’s Day”. In college, there is nothing more important than the people you choose to surround yourself with. Valentine’s day is the perfect time to celebrate and show love to your girls because college wouldn’t be college without them. Right?

These are the girls who see you stumble into the dining hall with sweats and moccasins on every Saturday morning. The one’s who help carry you home after you had one too many drinks at the party. They’ll wipe your tears after you’ve been studying in the library for 8 hours straight. They will never judge for ordering pizza at 3 am. These girls will be the ones throwing their caps beside you on graduation day. Your girls will always have more back, and more importantly your heart. And, they will be the women in bridesmaid’s dresses standing by your side at the altar when you find real love in the future. 

Grab your girls and head out to dinner and a movie. Even something as simple as hanging in your dorm room, watching sappy movies, and eating chocolates are bound to be a great time when you have your girls by your side.

Your friends make you, you. So, spend Valentine’s day showing them, as well as yourself, a little love. Remember, your college years are your years to be selfish so don’t fret over not finding love right now. At this point in your life, the most important person you should love is you.