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How I Enjoy Fall Before the Season Changes

Like Taylor Swift’s song, “August,” the season of fall similarly slips through my fingers like a moment in time.

I am an adamant believer in the connection between weather and emotions. Come fall every year, anxiety and the nerves regarding seasonal depression strike me before I can appreciate the season in all its glory. The relaxation of summer is over, and fall brings the “go” mentality with school, and spending hours upon hours at the library seems to fast forward the September, October, and early November months.

Only recently have I become aware of how weather impacts my mood on a day-to-day basis, and here is what I have been doing to appreciate and bask in the beauty that is fall in New Hampshire.

Quite often my roommate and I take walks off-campus, exploring new places, and cherishing each moment, but more importantly, we step away from schoolwork and the stress that comes with it. As much as I do enjoy nature and my walks, it takes a lot of learned skill to be able to step away from the seemingly never-ending daily to-do list. So, grab a friend or two, get some coffee, and take a walk, chit-chat about life, reminisce over funny stories from the weekend and enjoy the perfect temperature.  

Next, take pictures. For me, fall slips from my fingers in the blink of an eye… the leaves begin changing and the next thing I know I am waking up to inches and inches of snow piled up outside my window. And don’t get me wrong, winter is beautiful, but it just isn’t fall. Whatever you’re doing, whoever you’re with and wherever you are, regardless of the time of day, it could be raining for all I care, make the memories last forever with some pictures.

Another thing I have grown to love in the fall season is scenic drives. If you know me in the slightest, taking a mindless and directionless drive is probably on my top three favorite things to do… playing music with the windows down, and my best friend next to me… nothing gets better than that.

If time permits, do the cutesy fall activities; pumpkin picking, apple picking, baking fall treats, haunted houses, corn mazes; the whole thing! I guarantee that will bring some good memories along, and every one of us college students will be wishing we were you.

Moral of the story; do the most you possibly can to enjoy this foliage because every day that passes by, trees lose their color, the temperature drops slightly, and the sky becomes less blue.  

I am currently studying English at the University of New Hampshire! After I graduate I would love to become an author... it has been my dream since I was little!
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