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How I Became a Morning Person (Just in time for Spring)

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I can’t lie and say that I’ve always been a morning person. I give a lot of credit to my freshman year roommate for unintentionally turning me into one. I used to hate waking up early and would sleep until the very last second that I could. But thanks to her and some of my own self-motivation, I can confidently say that I have become a morning person. I can’t lie and say that I don’t enjoy sleeping in on the weekends, and it’s definitely important to recharge, but during this semester I have been waking up before 7 am during the weekdays and surprisingly enjoying it! I feel so much more productive throughout the day. Here are my tips on how to become a morning person…

Tip 1: Set a Bedtime for Yourself

This first tip was probably the hardest thing for me when initially waking up early. Setting a bedtime for yourself is crucial when establishing your morning routine. I used to get into bed around the same time every night before becoming a “morning person” but I would sit on my phone and scroll on tik tok or Instagram for hours until I realized that it was 2 am and I needed to be up in a few hours for classes. The only way that I can get myself up early every morning is by telling myself that my head has to be on the pillow by a specific time. I tend to try to be in bed by around 11 pm. I also find that not going on my phone for at least 20 minutes before falling asleep has helped me to go to bed easier. I have found that turning my phone off and then journaling before bed has not only helped me fall asleep faster but has made it easier to wake up in the morning because I have a set time that I go to bed each night.

Tip 2: Look Forward to Your Morning Routine

This tip is huge for me. I don’t think that I would enjoy waking up early if I didn’t love my morning routine. I can honestly say that every night I go to bed looking forward to waking up the next morning. This tip has a lot to do with mindset as well. I’ve learned to love going to the gym in the morning. I always watch an episode of whatever show I’m watching at the time while I walk on the treadmill and this definitely motivates me to get to the gym. I listen to a podcast on my walk to and from my workout. After the gym, I come home to take a shower and eat a yummy breakfast. This may seem really simple but for me I love it! I can honestly say that every night before I go to bed, I am so excited to wake up for my morning routine. Looking forward to your morning and genuinely enjoying your routine is a key part to becoming a morning person.

Tip 3: Use Light Exposure to Your Benefit

This tip is something that I didn’t realize the importance of at first but it’s definitely crucial to being a morning person. One of the first things that I do when I wake up is open my blinds and let the natural light from outside come in. Walking to my morning workout instead of driving really helps me feel awake and gets me in a better mood. Getting some sunshine on my face first thing in the morning has been a vital part of helping me enjoy waking up early. Obviously this has been hard during the winter months but with daylight savings next weekend this tip will be even easier to achieve. That extra light in the morning is something that I am definitely looking forward to. Having light exposure right when you wake up can definitely make it easier to get up and tackle the day.

Tip 4: Move Your Body

This tip is definitely not everyone’s preference first thing in the morning and it certainly wasn’t mine for a while. Before college, I was an afternoon workout kind of girl due to having to be up so early for high school. My workouts would always be after school or during sports practices so this tip definitely can depend on your current situation. If you have an 8 am, then I probably wouldn’t be working out before either. You don’t have to work out first thing in the morning to be a morning person, but I have found that moving my body first thing has set the tone for my day and keeps me motivated. I used to never prefer to workout first thing in the morning until my freshman year roommate got me into going to morning spin classes. This is a great way to motivate yourself to get out of bed. If you sign up for a class or have a friend to hold you accountable and go with, then you have no choice but to start your day on that note. This was one way that I got into morning workouts and now it’s my favorite time of day to move my body. I find that starting my day on this note sets the tone for my day and keeps me on track.

Tip 5: Be Consistent

At first, I definitely was not consistent with waking up early every single day and quite honestly, I don’t think you need to be 24/7. I have days where I sleep in or go to bed late and that’s okay. I have found, though, that being consistent has made it easier for me. I set my alarm for the same time every morning and go to bed around the same time every night. I also tend to follow this routine 5 days a week, so it makes it easier to do day after day. Starting with smaller goals can help too. Going to bed at a certain time each night or waking up every day and going for a walk can be a great place to start. Listening to your body is what is most important! Consistency is key in many areas of life and I have found that they best way to stick to becoming a morning person is by following a routine day after day!

Natalie is a Senior Communication Business Application major at the University of New Hampshire. She is the Social Media & Marketing Manager of UNH's Her Campus Chapter.