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How to: Get Involved Around Campus

For incoming freshmen the UNH campus can seem like a daunting place. The large scale 12,000+ student community can become much smaller if you are able to find your place in it. There are over 150 student organizations providing something for everyone. Options in the arts, community service, government and many other categories give you no excuse to not get involved. All you need to know is where to find them.

(Check out your Campus Correspondent Laura participating in Alpha Phi’s
annual philanthropy Eat Your Heart Out!) 

At the beginning of each freshman’s UNH career a Freshmen Jukebox is held where students can get a taste for what’s out there. The MUB is filled with booths from various campus organizations where freshmen can peruse; ask questions and sign up for mailing lists. A cappella and theatre groups perform, the fencing club holds demonstrations and new students partake in various craft activities. At Jukebox the MUB stays packed throughout the evening.

Following the event a couple weeks later is University Day. This open air festival takes place on T-Hall lawn and provides yet another opportunity to look at student org booths and sign up to get involved. More space to move around and a free cookout makes this a great event to attend for all students.

(We’ll take our burger medium rare) 

If you miss the type of club you are looking for at Jukebox or University Day check out http://unhmub.com/sosfor a full listing of current student organizations recognized by the university. If you don’t see what you like start your own club. The site provides details on everything you need to know when starting a student org.   
Beyond that there are always reminders of the different clubs around campus. Table tents and posters fill all of the dining and common areas advertising upcoming events from various students’ organizations. Whether you are a freshman or a senior, there are plenty of ways for you to get involved. Go ahead and be that kid who signs up for 20 clubs and only sticks with two of them-but still get emails from the other 18. Everybody does it.    

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