Hidden Jewels of UNH: Echo Thrift Shop

There is nothing better then walking out of a store with a bag full of new clothes, but there is also nothing worse than that gut feeling when you realize how much money you just spent. BUT, if you have an open mind, a $20 or two you might just be in luck. Nestled behind at the top of the hill on Main Street right behind the Community Church of Durham sits the Echo Thrift Shop. It is home to some of the sweetest employees and most underrated finds. A week or so ago a group of my friends and myself made our way to 17 Main Street to see what we could find and we were far from disappointed.

Basic light brown sweater; Old Navy; $4

Blue fleece pullover; L.L Bean; $8

Light tan corduroy jacket; Old Navy; $10

Red rain pullover; Lands End; $9

Burgundy Mallard Sweater; Priceless (just kidding it was $5)

Not only were we psyched about our latest finds, we were even more excited to come back in two weeks when they restock!