Healing A Broken Heart

           Recently I got through a hard break up and the only way I survived was surrounding myself with my friends. I had to find reasons to enjoy myself and recognize that I had so many feelings that needed to come out. There is no specific way to get over a break up and there is definitely no easy way either, but you can do it.

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         You now have the chance to open yourself up to many more adventures, get out your comfort zone to distract yourself but also to create a new happiness within you. You can reflect and learn from your heart in many ways, you just gotta look. Think about what made you happy, what made you sad and what you have to say. A lot of times you just want to forget and move on, that’s not what you should do. Call your mom! Talk about what is on your mind and don’t get too jumbled up in there.

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         Let it all out, take comfort in the people around you, whom your most comfortable with. There is more to explore inside your mind and body. Do some yoga and take deep breaths, relax and rejuvenate, go to the gym and work out your feelings. Make yourself a nice cup of tea and put your favorite soft pajamas on and listen to your feel-good music.

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          Take care of you, now is the time be selfish and do whatever you want. Catch up with your old friends you haven’t seen in a while and see what is new, maybe you’ll want to rekindle and become close again with someone. Listen to what your mom has to say, as much as you think she doesn’t understand, she went through this same thing a few times back in her day. Her wise words of wisdom could make you feel a sense of destination and calm with who you are. Listen to her when she says DO NOT CALL THE BOY WHO HURT YOU, IT WILL NOT MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER.

           Rebounds are nice but when it's over you might feel gross when your walking all alone. It’s good for you to surround yourself with people who will make you feel better not those who forget about you once you leave. Find something to be passionate about, maybe start some artwork or a gym goal you want to reach. Focus on yourself and put your needs above all else. After all, your heart is healing for you.

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