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The Greatest Support System

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNH chapter.

After being away at college for quite some time, I noticed just how important my family really is to me. It’s true that when you leave home, you realize how much your loved ones mean to you and start regretting not spending enough time with them. Before graduating and starting a new journey, you were with them 24/7. With that said, I think it’s only fair to show my appreciation towards the ones who have made me who I am today and thank them for all they’ve done for me throughout the years!: 


You are without a doubt the most beautiful woman inside and out. I’m so thankful to be able to not only call you my mother but my best friend as well. You’re such an inspiration for not only myself but for anyone and everyone who’s lucky enough to have you in their lives. I honestly don’t think there’s enough words to describe how truly radiant you are in terms of your generosity, caring nature, creativity, and endless love. You’re so special in every single way imaginable and I’m constantly in awe of every little thing you do. I’m so thankful for all of the memories we share, whether it be the tiny things like lunch dates at Jersey Mike’s, cooking lessons, shopping trips, watching movies or the bigger things like our annual brunch dates at the chocolate buffet in Boston and you giving me the best surprise birthday gift by flying my best friend up for the weekend. You never fail to make me smile and often have me on the verge of peeing my pants and crying from laughing so hard. Thank you for always going above and beyond for us and standing by me no matter the situation. Thank you for loving me unconditionally and always be there with the best advice or just to listen. I’m so incredibly glad that we’re as close as we are and I hope it stays this way forever. I love you without end and will ALWAYS be your princess! 


I think for most of my life I took for granted all of the things that you do for our family and for that I want to apologize. You’re the most hardworking guy I know and would stop at nothing to help provide us with a comfortable life; making sure we’re able to do the things we want to do, so on and so forth. Your work ethic and dedication never cease to amaze me. I’m so lucky to not only have you as my dad but a coach as well. Growing up with you as my soccer coach is one of my favorite memories of us, even if we got into fights on the sidelines sometimes (yeah sorry for that). Being able to learn from you about a sport that quickly became my first passion means more to me than you’ll ever know. I cherish the daddy-daughter dates we have (like going out for Chinese food, going to a Revs game, etc.) and know I can always count on you for anything and everything in between! You’ll always be the number one man in my life and my favorite dancing partner! Remember when I was younger and you’d come home from work and I would run from the dinner table to come and jump in your arms as you walked through the door? It’s just like Tim McGraw once said, “you’ve had me wrapped around your finger since the day you were born”. I love you in circles and no matter how old I get or where I end up in life, I’ll always be your little girl!


    When people ask me who my role model is in life, I often don’t even have to think about it because I already know who it is – you! Throughout my whole life I’ve looked up to you and am not only wicked proud of all you’ve accomplished, but strive everyday to be even half of the character you are. I’ve never known someone as determined as you when it comes to chasing your dreams and desires. Your head-strong personality challenges me to put my best foot forward everyday. You prove that hard work really does pay off and seeing you succeed out in California with your new job makes me such a proud little sister! Thank you for brightening my day with random dog videos and memes, and for all the spontaneous phone calls that more often than not just turn into me listening to you sing songs while driving to work or while on a random adventure. Even though we all know you’re the golden child of our fam, you somehow still managed to teach me right from wrong and I’ll forever be grateful for those lessons! Thank you for being one of the best big brothers a girl could ever have and always be there for me. I love you endlessly and can’t wait to (hopefully) visit you soon!


    I’d be lying if I said our relationship hasn’t always been the greatest but hey that’s sibling love for ya! All jokes aside, I believe that every fight we’ve had has only strengthened our bond. You understand me in ways that others don’t always do and I think that’s the reason we click so well on some fronts. Thank you for constantly nagging me to join USY, for when I did I immediately fell head-over-heels for the organization and found a home away from home. You inspired me to get active within our own chapter and eventually regionally wise as well and for that I can’t thank you enough! Don’t take this the wrong way when I say this, but you’re definitely far from the average individual, which only helped me realize that it’s perfectly okay to not conform to societal ideals and to do what truly makes me happy. You assure me that, in the end, no-one else’s opinion matters except for my own. You’re such an intelligent, funny, helpful, kind-hearted individual and, personally, I don’t say it enough but I look up to you in so many ways and will always continue to do so. Thank you for constantly checking in on me and for putting the fun in dysfunctional (again, don’t take that to offense please). I love you lots and just like I said with Zach, you’re one of the best big brothers a girl could ever have!

Thank you guys for being the greatest support system I’ve ever known; I know I can always count on you no matter the time or day. I’m so fortunate to be able to call you guys my family! I love you beyond measure!  




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