Getting a Tattoo When Your Parents Hate Them

United States

Recently, I ran into the issue that my parents absolutely would not allow me to get a tattoo, but it’s my body, right? And I’ve thought all of it through and asked all the questions.

Tattoos are a way to express yourself and be creative on your own body. They are meant for you and no one else. There are places that are hidden and places that are out in the open on the body where beautiful pieces of meaningful, or maybe not so meaningful, artwork can go,  whatever you like. If your parents are simply afraid of you “inking yourself” or “ruining your body”, or say something along the lines of “I have to stop you from regretting it.”, take my approach...

Listen, IT IS YOUR BODY! If you have a meaningful expression or picture, and have honestly considered all the smart steps, then don’t let anyone stop you. Don’t let your parents hold you back from developing and expressing yourself as you wish and go for it. Be you!

            Now, I’m not saying that when reading this you should jump on up and go get the next tattoo that you think “Omg this totally relates to me!”. I’m saying that it’s not about being ‘old enough’ to get your tattoo, it’s about asking all the right questions and being smart about what you want to get.

            One thing to consider is: are your parents persuadable? If they aren’t, then you should still give them an option to talk to you about what you want on your body. If they refuse to acknowledge that you are going to do it, that is on them not you. In the end, they will love you because you are their child. They may not be so happy with you, but you need to be able to be yourself, and your parents don’t get to choose how you express that. The tattoo I just got will never be something I regret and I will always believe in it. I will always stand by it, and having it on my skin doesn't affect anyone else but me; that’s how it should stay! It makes me feel comfortable and confident.