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Gettin’ Dirty in the Dirty D

In between class, hitting the gym, dreadful reading assignments, HOCO chocolate chip cookies and long days camped out in Diamond…your mind may wander. Ever see couples walking around campus holding hands or that empty bench on the way to the PCAC and have your self-envisioning perfect campus date places? Well apart from the cutesy stuff, what about getting down right dirty in the dirty D? Has that crossed your mind? Well, anonymously it has certainly crossed mine.

 Here’s my list of the good, the bad, and the wrong places to get it on:

  1. The Big Red Wagon: A campus tradition to have sex on this wagon before graduation, and apparently we are not the only ones who know about it since many more lights have been recently installed around and above it, so go at your own risk.
  2. College Woods: Instead of using the map to learn what trails to follow, use it to go off the beaten path instead. Bring a flashlight at night and always remember your Girl Scout training: Poison ivy- often has three leaves and shades of red.
  3. On top of that building next to Philbrook with a ladder that screams climb me: It looks flat topped up there to me and the ladder has to lead to something interesting.
  4. Dimond Library (stacks or even the staircases after midnight): I’ve heard of raunchy photo shoots having been taken here, so why not put away the cameras and get it on with your man?
  5. Wagon Hill: I do not care about the drive; it is worth it. For all romantics you can see the sunset perfectly from here and you have perfect coverage from the road if you are in the actual wagon, which you will be…duh.
  6. MUB Theatres: Dark lit, comfortable chairs, easy access, and in the center of campus…need I say more?
  7. Third floor of the MUB conference rooms: Who goes in there anyways?
  8. Lower Quad Volleyball Court: A beach away from the beach? At night it very well might be.
  9. Campus Bridges: Maybe the sound of the running water can even drown out all noise. Or not.
  10. Dorm room/House lounge: Those couches you sit on studying are hopefully washed well, because I can’t even count on two hands the number of people I know have gotten it on the past four years in these locations.
  11. Hockey Bleachers (bleachers or super risky in the penalty box): ever noticed that door all the way to the right is always opened? I have.
  12. 50 yard line on the center of the football field: for some reason this is every football boy’s dream…I say only attack this one if you are up for the thrill and it is secondary to your first choice.
  13. In Wiswall water: Summer months only please! So few cars go across this bridge and while there are often bridge jumpers, you and your honey can swim down the lake a little and take turns holding each other up if you know what I mean.

If you noticed my list steered away from all campus bathrooms, please get a little more creative than the average collegiette™ and show New Hampshire what you’ve really got. Comment with your stories/details/accomplishments or further ideas, as I’m sure minds are already racing on where to run to next. Another idea I had after finishing this article: Saver’s dressing room?
Remember: This list is only for fun please be sure to be safe and getting caught naked on campus is a serious crime.

(Dont let this be you!) 


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