Fun Activities to do This Summer

It’s never too early to start planning for fun summer activities. Once school ends and you’re no longer on a strict, oriented schedule the free time can seem overwhelming. You no longer have responsibilities (academically) and if you're working a casual summer job, you probably don't have a set schedule. In between beachin’ it and catching up with friends it’s common to find yourself in a funk, or on your couch wondering, “What should I do?” Aside from the income you might plan on putting away in savings (LOL) you'll have some cash waiting to be spent in your wallet. If you’re living near the Boston area this summer 2018 I’ve researched some fun activities for you and your friends to invest your summer income on!

1.) “Escape the Room”

2.) Harpoon Brewery Tour

3.) “Secret Food Tours” Boston

4.) Kayak on the Charles

5.) BikeBus