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A Freshmen Guide to UNH: What to do to NOT look like a freshman

1. Remember: the first week, there are usually NO LABS.

Don’t go to your lab and sit outside of the classroom a waste an hour of your day. If you’re unsure, check your course’s syllabus.

2. Don’t party in your dorm room.

It’s not worth the cheap beer, legal fines, and the boot out of housing. Go to an on or off campus apartment and leave if an RA or CA arrives, simple as that. You don’t sound cool when you’re talking about hosting a party in your built-up triple- you sound like a freshman.

3. Don’t pull an all-nighter for every exam.

Once and a while it’s hard to avoid and most of us have been there. Unfortunately, when professors say studying for a week before the exam is more beneficial than an all night cram, they’re right. When studying a week to five days before an exam, our brains retain more information because of repetition. If you can avoid it, don’t cram. Get at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep to help solidify the information you’ve obtained and get a good breakfast. I sound like a parent, but just do it, you’ll be happy you did.

4. UNH Acronyms

HOCO: Short for “Holloway Commons”. This is the dining hall attached to the
MUB (Memorial Union Building; a center of campus life, student organization, and not to mention the movie theaters!)
PHILLY: Short for Philbrook. This dining hall is located near freshman only dorms like Williamson and Christensen halls as well as the Mini Dorms and the SERCS.
WildKITTY: Many upperclassmen use this term of endearment when referring to Wildcatessen (get it?). Here, you can get some real late night munchies, milkshakes, and stock up on household items like toilet paper.
The Dump: Warning! This is not a place to throw your garbage! It stands for Durham Marketplace. This grocery store accepts Cat’s Cache, so you never have to
worry about how much is in your checking account.
FRAT ROW: Be careful here. There are a lot of fraternities and sororities so be careful before you try to make up a nickname of your own!

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