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 As most of you probably know, it’s hard to have flawless skin all the time expecially in college. So, when I was asked to do a review on these face masks I was very excited. I was actually so excited that I forced my roommate to do one with me. 

One of my first reactions to this product was that it’s great because of the number of options you have. No matter what kind of skin type you have, or what type of results you are looking for, Freeman Beauty face masks have it all. There are a bunch of options to control breakouts, remove blackheads,  get rid of oil and clean your pours!

Since my skin isn’t that sensitive, I decided to pick the mask I wanted based off the scent and the type of results I was hoping for. Though it took a me a few minutes to decide, I ended up choosing the avocado & oatmeal clay mask which deep cleans and purifies pours. If you were wondering, the scent ended up being 10/10.  My roommate decided to try the charcoal & black sugar polishing mask which helps to absorb oil. 

After applying the masks to our skin, we only had to wait 5-7 minutes until we could take it off which was awesome. As college students who are constantly busy, it’s definetly a plus not having to wait a long time to take a face mask off. 

Once we took the masks off, both my roommate and I were pleased with the results. My skin immediately felt smoother and it felt and looked like I had just gotten a facial. To make it even better, my face instantly felt more clear and fresh. It might sound crazy, but I felt like I could already feel the breakouts going away. 

 While face masks can sometimes dry out your skin, these ones did the complete opposite! My roommate and I both agreed that our faces definetely felt more moisturized. My roommate also said she felt like hers completely got rid of the oil on her face. 

Even though i’ve only used this face mask once, I know ill continue to use it based off of the results! If you want to read more abou thte mask or are interested in buying it check out the Freeman Beauty website or check out stores like Ulta. The mask is only about 4 dollars (thank god because i’m a poor college kid) and trust me its worth it! 

Thanks Freeman Beauty and HC Nationals for letting us try these out! 

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