Four New Rimmel London Products That You Need In Your Makeup Bag

When it comes to drugstore makeup it can sometimes be a hit or miss with what product is actually worth buying. Sometimes it’s a total flop while other times it fulfills all the hopes and dreams you had for the product. Rimmel London’s new products will absolutely not let you down. And you know Her Campus would never let you down so to prove how good these products actually are we tried them out ourselves! The reviews are in and here is what we think about these scandalous new products.


  1. Rimmel London Volume Flash Scandaleyes Mascara, $6.99Image result for rimmel london gif mascara

We’ve all had that mascara that makes our lashes turn into a clumpy mess and completely lie to us about how our lashes would look. But have no fear! Rimmel London’s new volume flash mascara is so worth it. Due to the big, fluffy, brush it coats each individual lash with a creamy black formula that won’t clump your lashes together no matter how hard you try! What makes it even better is it gives a good boost to your lashes so they look voluminous without looking fake or flaking off. So if volume and extreme definition of lashes are what you are looking for on your next drugstore run then this is the product for you!


2. Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner, $4.59

Image result for rimmel london gif bronzer

This eyeliner delivers big time on being waterproof and completely effortless to put on. The second it glides gently across your lid it packs on an amazing level of pigment to your eyes. Not only is it’s pigment impressive but it is long lasting and completely smudge proof. So whether you are going out to the gym, going out to a party, or just hanging with your friends you don’t have to worry about checking if your eyeliner is still where you put it. This eyeliner gives you flawless impact all day and all night long!


3. Natural Bronzer, $6.29


Talk about being sun kissed! This natural bronzer is so perfect for that light touch of sun look. A lot of the time bronzers from drugstores can be too overly pigmented that it does not compliment people’s skin at all. However, this product is the total opposite of looking false and overbearing. It’s soft to the touch formula comes in three shades and gives a nice even bronze look to your skin. Not only is the bronzer easy to apply but it is waterproof and lasts up to ten hours! What more could you want?!


4.Provocalips 16HR Kissproof Lip Colour, $7.49

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So many products say that they are long wear but the second you actually start putting it to the test (aka eating food or kissing… but mostly eating food) it totally comes right off! And nothing is worse than having to reapply your lipstick over and over again. Provocalips reigns supreme in this long wear competition because when it says it lasts up to 16 hours they are not kidding. This lipstick comes in so many beautiful shades so there are endless possibilities for effortless and gorgeous lip looks. It also is a two-step process, which let’s be real, having two steps always makes you feel a bit fancy when you put it on. The first step adds the creamy color to your lips while the second step locks the color in and gives your lips a hydrated look with a hint of shine. So no matter what the occasion you can always have a fierce lip on that stays all day.

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We hope you enjoy these products as much as we did! xx