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5 Fun Hikes For Your New England Summer

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As summertime rolls around, we all look forward to spending more time in the sun. Hiking is the perfect way to stay active while still spending time in the sun enjoying the outdoors. So, here are five hikes you can try out this New England summer!

No. 1 – Diana’s Baths, New Hampshire

Diana’s Baths is a gorgeous hike located in the White Mountain National Forest. The hike is easy and a great option for a family outing. A brisk 20-minute walk will take you to a beautiful waterfall. You can even spend the rest of your day dining or shopping in North Conway!

No. 2 – Cadillac North Ridge Trail, Maine

Cadillac North Ridge Trail is one of the many hiking trails located in Acadia National Park, one of the biggest attractions during Maine summers. If you want your hike to include some truly incredible views, Cadillac North Ridge Trail is perfect for you. This hike is meant for those who have some hiking experience, as the terrain varies throughout and can be steep at times. If you want to see something breathtaking, consider hiking to the summit for sunrise.

No. 3 – Burnt Mountain Loop, New Hampshire

This trail is a moderate intensity hike in West Lebanon, New Hampshire. The entire loop is a little over four miles and takes just about two hours. This is a great hike to do as a small group. You can socialize with your friends all while enjoying the outdoors.

No 4.  Bradbury Mountain, Maine

Bradbury Mountain is located in Pownal, Maine, and has many different trails you can explore. No matter your skill level, you will find a hike to enjoy at Bradbury Mountain. Some hikes are under a mile, while others are well over. You can even pack a lunch to enjoy a nice summer picnic!

No. 5 – Douglas Forest Wallis Pond Loop Trail, Massachusetts

This is a gorgeous looped hike in Douglas State Forest. The entire loop is just under six miles and is relatively easy. The views along the way include a pond and a waterfall. You may even see horseback rider or beautiful birds. This hike is great for nature lovers.

Whether you’re an avid nature lover or you’re just looking to get some Vitamin D, you’ll love these hikes. Enjoy your New England summer!

Maddie is a freshman Economics major at UNH this year. When she isn't in school, she loves going to the gym, hanging out with friends, and going on mini adventures!