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Five Activities to do on Campus at UNH

As a freshman at UNH, I found myself spending days binge watching shows on Netflix. From documentaries to sitcoms, I didn’t ever want to leave my bed.  In the beginning of the school year, it’s intimidating to leave your room and explore what this campus has to offer. As time went on and I got more involved here, I realized that there’s much more than I thought I could do on campus on the weekends. Here’s five things you can do on campus during the weekends: 

1. Attend a Workout Class at the Gym 

When I first started school here, I didn’t realize that workout classes were free. It wasn’t until an older friend of mine told me about Zumba that I realized how amazing these classes are. If you’re like me and find it difficult to stay motivated by working out on the machines or doing exercises alone, these classes are perfect for you! Although most of the classes are in the morning or at night on the weekends, trying to make it to one will boost your mood for the rest of the day. Not only are you getting your exercise in, but these classes are also a great way to meet new people and be more involved here at UNH.  

2. Grab a Cup of Coffee on Campus 

One thing UNH doesn’t lack is coffee shops. From Aroma Joe’s to Saxby’s, there are plenty of outlets for you to get your coffee. The best part of having a wide variety of coffee shops is that it’s exciting to go try new flavors and types of coffee at these different places. You can see which ones you’ll definitely continue to spend all your money on, and which ones you’ll treat yourself to on a bad day. This also gets you moving to other parts of campus, and gives you an opportunity to sit down in a new environment and get some homework done if that’s what you want to do.  

3. Play Some Games at the Game Room in the MUB 

Located in the MUB, UNH has an entire room dedicated to games. From video games to pool, the game room offers a wide variety of activities for anybody to try! It wasn’t until halfway through the school year my freshman year that I was aware this room existed. I actually met one of my friends there one afternoon, and we played a game of pool. Even though I’m not the best at it, I had fun trying to figure out how to play the game and how to hold the pool stick the correct way. If you’re ever feeling stressed from studying, going here with a couple of friends is a great way to spend your study breaks to relax your mind.  

4. Walk UNH’s College Woods  

Going on a quick 30-60-minute walk can be extremely relaxing. UNH has trails available to students to walk on by the football field. If you’re trying to find ways to not spend your money and do something for free, this is a perfect activity to anyone that enjoys uncovering new places. These trails are especially breathtaking in the fall where you can examine the different colors on the trees. Taking a stroll on these with a friend could also be a good way to reconnect with someone, or get to know someone better. It also gets your body moving from your bed and can provide some exercise if you’re looking to incorporate more of that into your lifestyle.  

5. Go to a Sports Game 

Almost every weekend, UNH has some type of sports team playing a game on campus. The best part about these games is that they’re free to students. In the fall, hanging out sipping apple cider at a football game is a lively way to spend your Saturday or Sunday. In the winter, meeting up with your friends at a hockey game provides you with something to fill your time that’s actually fun. The fan section is loud and full of energy which makes you proud to call yourself a wildcat. No matter the time of year, there are usually club or varsity games that you can attend.  


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