Finding the Motivation to Workout in College

It can be tough to find the time, confidence, as well as motivation to workout (especially when it comes to be a college student). We either have loads of homework to do or, it comes down to the better alternative of being active, which is taking a nap. Sleep is a delicacy when it comes to our busy schedules, but our health should be to. There are a few simple ways to get yourself into the groove of working out and actually making it an enjoyable experience. Personally, these are some things that I have found to help with the process. 

The first step? Buy new active gear! This is a big one. If you feel good in what you're wearing, you immediately feel more confident. There are so many different websites to buy good, durable, and also cute gear from. Some examples are Fabletics, Forever 21, Lulu Lemon, Set Active,  and Gym Shark!, Or, stores like Marshalls, Target and Nike have great finds too. And although some of the gear may be on the expensive side, remember that these are good investments and will last a long time. If you know you spent a lot of money on something, you’re more likely to wear it more often. 

The second step is to look up workouts before-hand so that when you get there, you’re not at a loss of what to do. Machines and weights can be intimidating, take it slow for your first few weeks so that you can get used to your surroundings. Start with the treadmill or stair stepper, then grab a mat and do some stationary exercises. Go on the Instagram Explore page and see if you can find any good workouts, even look on YouTube, it helps a lot being able to see someone do it before you try it out. Or, even better, go with a friend. This makes it easier (and more fun!) because you can try new things together and can also do partner exercises. 

The third step is to find music that motivates you. Whether this is pop, EDM, or country, make a work out playlist that contains a good amount of songs that make you want to move. Explore music on Spotify, iTunes and SoundCloud, even ask your friends what songs they work out too. This step is crucial. The music is what keeps you motivated and moving. Also, playing music while you’re getting ready for the gym also helps to get you pumped up (dare I say even excited to work out?) Here's my current favorite song that gets me moving. 

The fourth and final step is to just get used to going to the gym. Decide what workouts you like and what ones you don’t, make it apart of your routine. This is the toughest part, but once you start going, you begin to realize not only physically, but mentally how much better it makes you feel just by letting those endorphins out. After I work out, I always find myself singing in the shower and in a ten times better mood than I was before. If you have some anxiety, anger, etc. to release, this is easily the best way to get it out. You’ve got this!