The Feeling of Staying Home on Spring Break Told By That 70s Show

With spring break arriving, some of us just don't have the cash to go on vacations so were stuck at home watching everyone else's trips through every social media possible. Here's how it feels to stay at home during spring break as told by the cast of That 70's Show.

 Listening to your friends tell you every detail about their trip before they leave and trying to seem interested and not totally jealous while you sit at home.


​​ Arriving back home and having it sink in that you're stuck there for a whole week instead of relaxing on a beach.

 Wondering how you couldn't afford a vacation because you seem to be constantly working.

 When someone suggests doing school work to get a head start after the break.

 Finding out one of your friends also isn't going away on a vacation so you aren't that lonely.

Coming to the conclusion that you can still have fun on break without being on a warm, tropical island.

 Yet, you struggle to find something exciting to do to even compare to other's vacations.

 In the end, you're just thankful that you're on break and not stuck cramming for a test in the library.