Fall Wardrobe Must-Haves

Fall is my absolute favorite season for fashion! I love dressing in stylish clothes that are also super comfy! Some of my favorite colors to wear in the fall are:

  • Black

  • Olive

  • Cream

  • Gold

  • Dark Tan

  • Light Pink

  • Maroon

  • Rust/Burnt Orange

Black obviously matches everything! I find that olives can look really good with other neutrals, like creams and tans. Maroon can work with lighter or darker colors which I love! Light shades of pink tend to go nicely with tans and golds. I also prefer to wear gold/ rose-gold jewelry in the fall because I feel like golds go better with the colors I like to wear this season.

I recommended colors and color combos first because I think these staples would work in any of the shades I mentioned! So who's ready to *pumpkin* SPICE up your style?? Here are my personal absolute FAVES:

Casual V-neck Sweater​

  • Looks cute with jeans, leggings, or a skirt and tights! Also, dress it up with a statement necklace or make is cozy with a scarf.


Oversized Cardigan

  • A super stylish way to keep warm! Can literally be layered over anything!


Statement Necklace

  • I absolutely LOVE a good statement necklace. Try with a dress, button-up, v-neck, sweater, anything! A trendy necklace can stylize any bland outfit!


Plaid Scarf

  • Cute, cozy, and soft! Don't be afraid to mix patterns, it's so trendy this fall! 


Quilted Vest

  • Warmer than you would think! Looks cute with riding boots or over a flannel!



  • I wouldn't recommend too high of a heel! I like something I can wear all day without thinking about. Short booties with scrunched socks can look cute with leggings, jeans, or even skirts.


I hope you enjoyed the tips! Happy spooky season! :)