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Everything We Can Learn From the New Frozen II Trailer

Finally after 6 years of waiting, the lovely people at Disney have released a teaser trailer for the upcoming Frozen 2 (or Frozen II, whatever you’re feeling). Now before I get into it, IF you haven’t seen it, go watch it now!!!


Now we can move on!! Here’s a quick rundown of the video…

Scene: It opens up with a black screen and then Elsa, alone, on a dark and stormy beach.

She’s standing there, in a power stance, ICONIC braid and blue dress on, looking like a boss. She then takes off her gloves and boots and she puts her hair up into a ponytail.

Analysis: I think that this is kind of throwing it back to the first movie with the clothing, the braid. However!!! The way that she takes off her gloves and boots and put her hair into a pony it seems like she’s shedding all the weight and hate of the first film to really accept herself. No more concealing, all feeling, Elsa is barefoot and ready to take on whatever this movie is about to throw at her.

This is where things start to get a little confusing.

Scene: Elsa runs into the ocean, but gets beat down by a wave, it seems, so she tries again. This time, she runs in, making it further, using ice to run on the water, until she gets to a rock. Then she tries to freeze a wave which ends up toppling onto her.

Analysis: I’m thinking that, while there’s nothing blatantly obvious in this section, Elsa is being knocked down, and getting back up and persevering. Another theory that’s been floated around is that the reason she’s heading into the ocean is to search for her parents whom we know to have died in a boat accident in the first film.

Scene: Anna runs onto a balcony to find a bunch of floating icicles?

Analysis: Does this mean that Elsa has more control over her powers or less? (TBH I’m lost on this one)

Scene: Kristoff is riding Sven with a herd of reindeer (so dreamy).

Analysis: It seems like they’re on a mission. I’m thinking maybe they heading to save Anna??

Scene: Anna all alone in a cold looking, dark room, maybe in a dungeon? Then she’s climbing a wall and leaping across a chasm like PRO.

Analysis: We see a lot of change in Anna in this trailer, and in just these two scenes. The first movie showed us a naïve and young Anna who was open to anything. This allowed her to be taken over by Hans. It seems like she’s hardened up a lot in this film. We see her in a prison like place at first, and then escaping. I think that this shows that she was being held back (in a prison) but now she’s out and free and ready to fight.

Scene: Elsa is magic-ing down some pink fire surrounding while Olaf looks frightened holding onto her.

Analysis: I guess Elsa DOES have control over her powers… you go girl :)

Scene: There’s a young girl who is watching the leaves move by her and then someone is thrown up from the big leaf pile at the end of the trail, as if by magic. This is followed by Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven standing and looking out over a cliff.

Analysis: There’s been a lot of speculation about who this girl is. This could be Anna and Kristoff’s daughter, but since we have no idea how far into the future the movie is, there’s really no way to tell. Another possibility is that the young girl is Anna and Elsa’s mother. This would be SHOCKING since this girl potentially has magic, meaning that Elsa’s mother hid that from her as she was trying to grow up with her powers…

Scene: “Frozen II” Title sequence

Analysis: The sequence was pretty but what struck me was the warm colored leaves… I’m thinking a thaw????

Scene: Anna takes Kristoff’s sword after noticing someone or something behind them (seemingly us) and slashes the screen to the November release date.


In conclusion, we didn’t get much from the teaser trailer, but honestly, I’m just excited for a follow up to the first movie (no shame :)

Hey babes, my name is Sydney and I’m currently a sophomore nursing major! I’m a native of the beach so I’m obsessed with the ocean, but I also love swimming and meeting new people. I’ve been reading HC National since middle school and I’m so pumped to now be writing for UNH’s chapter :)
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