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Blush is an essential part of any girls every day makeup routine. Used to enhance the cheeks, skipping blush can lead to a washed out, mono-tone face. Although high end blushes can be expensive, many girls, including myself, find blush to be a worthwhile investment. Blushes last a long time so there is no need to worry about getting your moneys worth. Here are some of my personal favorites as well as other brands I haven’t tried, but are personal favorites of our Her Campus readers and writers! 



Maybelline “Dream Bouncy Blush” 

Price: $7.99

This is a blush I have been using since High School. It’s a great alternative to brand name blushes and works really well. It’s a cream blush that has a strong tint, so you don’t have to use a lot to get the results you want. I started with the lighter shades, my favorite being “rose petal pink” which was perfect for the summer and springtime. Last week I purchased the shade “Plum Wine” as a more wintery shade. The color looks great and I’m loving the change up. 


Sephora “Colorful Blush”

Price: $15

“I use sephora brand in rose petal for a cheaper option! It looks natural in the winter and summer so I can use it all year round.” – Lauren Bushey 17’  UNH Her Campus writer

Sephora “Double Contouring Cream Blush”  

Price: $16 

“This blush stays on longer because it’s a cream blush. It’s also more pigmented so you don’t need a lot. It’s a less expensive version of a high end cream blushes. I use it as a lip stain as well” – Jane Leven ’17 UNH Her Campus editing staff 


Josie Maran “Coconut Water Cheek Gelée

Price: $22

“It’s a product people don’t like to splurge on, but I feel like it’s essential! I use the color pink escape. It’s an oil based blush but it can be built up. I actually like using it more on my lips” 

-Sarah Dennis 17’ UNH Her Campus reader


MAC Mineralized Blush 

Price: $27

“The MAC ‘New Romance’ mineralize blush is a great blush to use for all seasons! I especially love to use it in the winter because it gives your pale cheeks a pop of subtle color. It has some light shimmer within the blush which is a nice touch!” – Morgan McCarthy ’17 UNH Her Campus writer 


Benefit Cosmetics “Dandelion”

Price: $28

“ It stays on for a long time compared to other blushes I’ve used. I also use their bronzer “Hula” and it sticks to it really well” – Jenna Davis 17’  UNH Her Campus “Campus Cutie” writer


NARS “Blush” 

Price: $30

“It stays on throughout the day and it isn’t too powdery even though its a powder blush. It has always given me the best color. I use “torrid” which is a light coral/ peach color. Another popular one is orgasm because its a little bit darker” – Grace Yanagi ’17 UNH Her Campus reader


“ I use ‘Deep Throat’ by NARS everyday, every season. It has touches of pink and gold that helps me look more alive especially in the winter. For a nighttime look I use ‘Orgasm’ by NARS. It’s a little darker than ‘deep throat’ and has more golden accents. – Emma Rayner ’16 UNH Her Campus writer

Urban Decay “Naked Flushed” 

Price: $32

“I love Urban Decay’s ‘Naked Flushed’ palette! It offer’s a blush, a bronzer, and a highlighter that I can use for literally every day of the week, which is one of the reasons why I love it so much. I can use the same palette before class and before going out on Saturday nights. It’s not like a pre-mixed blush that makes your skin look fake either. You get to decide how much of each you want to put on your face so it always looks natural.” – MaryKate Lampron ’16 UNH Her Campus writer 


NARS “multiple stick”

Price: $39

“Absolutely obsessed with the Nars multiple stick. It’s so awesome because you can use it as a bronzer, cream blush, eyeshadow and for your lips. Especially when you’re in a rush in the mornings you can just use it and a bit of mascara and you’re good to go. Love love love.” 

– Phoebe McPherson ’16 UNH Her Campus editor 


Yves Saint Laurent “Blush Volupte”

Price: $47

“I use Yves Saint Laurent Blush Volupte. It’s a little more expensive but it’s not too sparkly and the color is pretty subtle which allows you to build up the color (or not). It lasts a super long time and its great quality (definitely worth the investment). Plus it comes in a bunch of pretty shades!” – Amanda Brauer ‘16 UNH Her Campus writer





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