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College Decor for the Cheap

Since moving into my apartment in the beginning of August, I have been excited to have a semi-normal year since the majority of campus restrictions here at the University of New Hampshire are being lifted. It is bittersweet, being a senior, of course. But, I am so grateful to be surrounded by the people I call my friends and the community I have on campus. Nonetheless, being back on campus and in an apartment (or even dorm) requires you to decorate. Here is a short list of bonding activities that can be done, with you and your roommates, to help finalize your living space while have fun doing it! Plus, it shouldn’t be that expensive.

  1. Paint a Pong Table
    • There are plenty of places to get resources for this! Whether it be in-person at Target or Walmart to get a table, paint, brushes, tape, etc. or even have all the necessities shipped to your house via Amazon. I recommend using Pinterest as a tool for creativity, as well. You can use this as a dinner table or for a night of fun.
  2. Create a Photo Wall
    • This is a fun way to display memories around the house! Pick a color scheme and find an empty wall. This is such an easy, inexpensive way to liven up your living space. I recommend using double-sided tape to paste them on the wall. Places like CVS and Walmart have printing services you can use, too. Again, use Pinterest as a tool to see different ways to organize the pictures on your wall!
  3. Make Your Own Tapestries
    • This one definitely requires a little more artistic skill but can be done in good fun! With purchasing a white banner and some paint, you and your roommates can create and paint whatever your heart desires! Make sure you trace it out with a pencil in order to help give yourself an outline to avoid mistakes.
Kathleen is a dual major in Psychology and Justice Studies at the University of New Hampshire.
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