A Different Type of Club

Coming into college, I had no idea what major I wanted to pursue or even where to start. Ideas of Math, Biology and Genetics were all options. However- in the back of my mind, there was always Journalism. I’ve always loved to write. Whether it was a Social Studies essay or a creative short story for English, shaping a piece with my own thoughts was one of my favorite parts of high school. In the end, I decided on Neuroscience and found that the brain is where my true passion lies, but Her Campus has given me a chance to continue writing, and even better than high school or college assignments I am allowed to write simply about whatever I am thinking. This club is such a fun opportunity to speak about what you’re passionate about, but also to see what other women across college campuses are also thinking about. This community is therefore a very supportive and reassuring one to be a part of during your college career. That being said, I think everyone who had the opportunity to join Her Campus should really consider it to not only reconnect with themselves through writing but also other girls that you may not have known before.