Deck the Halls with Christmas Movies

What better way to get in the holiday spirit than with a blanket, some hot cocoa, (ideally a dog), and Christmas movies?! Watching a festive movie is a great way to kick off the spirit of the season. Finals are coming up, and kicking back and relaxing with any of these choices is a great way to de-stress for two hours! Find a friend, make some popcorn, and enjoy! Here is my Must-Watch List of Merry Movies.


1. ELF

In my opinion, this is the ultimate Christmas movie. You can disagree with me, but I’ll probably tell you that you’re wrong. #sorrynotsorry


2. Home Alone

Elf is my all time favorite, but Home Alone is a close second. It’s iconic. I’ve received Christmas cards of people recreating the cover.


(my stress level during finals)


3. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas

I’ll admit, I used to be a bit of a Grinch myself. Now, I embrace the holiday season. If you love the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss as much as I do, this movie is sure to put a smile on your face.



4. The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

I remember my seven-year-old self being AMPED for this movie to come out. I loved the first and second Santa Clause’s, and I had some high expectations for the third. It surpassed all of those… Disney never disappoints.


5. A Charlie Brown Christmas

Any Charlie Brown movie is a classic. If you just want 30 minutes of Christmas cheer, A Charlie Brown Christmas is the movie for you!



6. The Nightmare Before Christmas

There are debates on whether this is a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie. It has Christmas in the title, therefore my vote goes to Christmas. Either way, it’s a great movie so watch it whenever

you want :)


7. Eloise at Christmastime

As the oldest of three girls, Eloise was a staple in our household. Eloise on her own is great, then add a Christmas theme to the mix?! Gold.

8. The Polar Express

Although it’s not my favorite festive film, I added it to the list because The Polar Express is a movie that will make you feel all of the feels. Seriously, I cry every single time I watch this movie. If you’re lucky enough, maybe you’ll get to take a ride on the Polar Express! I did when I was six. It rocked.


Get merry, people! It’s December!!!

To whichever holiday you're celebrating, I hope your season is filled with happiness and cheer!