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Dear freshman year self, don’t be so nervous! You’re about to experience the best four years yet. Didn’t get into your first choice school, okay. Didn’t get into your second choice? No problem. You got into the best school for you, because you may not know it yet, but everything turns out just as it’s supposed too. When you get to your dorm don’t be afraid to be yourself you’ll either hit it off with your roommates, or you won’t, don’t worry if you don’t, there are about 14,000 other students to be-friend. On your first night out please, please, please, DON’T walk in a heard to frat row and embarrass yourself after drinking a water bottle of Zhenka. Please DO end up at DHOP or Wild Kitty after trying to get into 3 different parties and not getting into one. DO go back to your dorm and spend the rest of the night laughing, screaming and crying with the people on your floor who will end up being your life long friends. DO join the sorority where you feel like you fit best- Not the sorority with the best Instagram. Once you find your fit spend any free time you have at the house trying to get to know your sisters and your future bridesmaids. P.S. live in the sorority house for as long as possible, you will love it! If you’re still taking a little bit to warm up to UNH, don’t worry, you’ll get there. It’s a lot different from home. When coming into Sophomore year it’s okay to let go of some of those Freshman year friends, your people will change over time. DON’T try to hold onto friends just because they were your first friends. Branching out will be the best decision you’ve made. DO drop that Freshman year boyfriend... He sucks, trust me. DO go to every sorority social, party with your sisters and never miss a “late night!” While I’m at it, never miss an opportunity to sit on the couches, start a prank war, sign a in house sis’s petition, go to a formal or take a quick trip to shack. These are the memories you’ll remember most. As you enter Junior year, get pumped! Polish Week will be one of the best weeks of your four years, (right up there with homecoming). Then get even more excited, you did it! You decided on Barcelona, Spain for your study abroad trip! When you get there DON’T be afraid to try to speak Spanish and take as many adventures as possible. DO be afraid to go to the clubs alone, stay safe and be smart, you’ll be just fine. You will be sad, really sad, when COVID hits and you get sent home, but don’t worry... The best is yet to come. DO go into Senior year with the best attitude, DO move into an off campus house with your best friends and DO go to the bars every night. It’s true things won’t be like they used to be, but it will turn out better than you ever could have hoped! DO make crazy hats with your friends, get brunch in Portsmouth, take a lot of pictures, drink during the day and have fun! As your four amazing, crazy, special, scary years come to an end, thank yourself. Thank yourself for putting you out there, for doing your best and for becoming the person you are now. DON’T be too hard on yourself about finding a job, you will get one, whether it’s 6 months before graduation or 6 months after. DO have the time of your life. Like I said everything turns out just as it’s supposed too. 

Sophomore Communication Major
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