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Cute Faces of the 2014 Winter Olympics

Once every four years, the United States of America comes together to compete in and watch a grand snowy spectacle that is the Winter Olympics. This year it is taking place in Sochi, Russia . While most of the spectator sports take place in the Summer Olympics, there are lots of reasons why you should tune in this year.

1.      Support team USA as they strive to bring home the gold.

2.      UNH Hockey alum James van Riemsdyk is playing on the USA hockey team

3.      There are a lot of attractive people who will be on your screen

We watch the Grammys, Oscars, and Emmys every year for the sole purpose of seeing nice looking people. The US Olympic teams this year will produce the same results. Here are some of the cute faces of the 2014 Winter Olympics.



Chris Mazdzer


Sport: Men’s Singles Luge

About Chris:

Chris received a silver medal in the 2010 Winter Olympic. He Lives in Saranac Lake N.Y and studied at Devry University. He is on track to win the first Olympic Men’s Luge single in American history.


Zach Parise

Sport: Men’s Hockey

About Zach:

He is currently the alternate captain for the Minnesota Wild. You may remember Zach from the 2010 Winter Olympics where he scored the tying goal late in the gold medal game against Canada to send it to overtime.


David Chodounsky


Sport: Alpine Skiing, Slalom

About David:

David graduated from Dartmouth in ’08 as a double major in engineering and studio art. This is first time competing in the Olympics.


Tim Burke


Sport: Biatholon (cross-country skiing and rifle shooting)

About Tim:

He competed in the 2006 and 2010 games. He is currently dating a biathlete from Germany named Andrea Henkel. He has successfully overcome career-threatening hip problems, and mono to make it to the 2014 winter games.


Jared Goldberg


Sport: Alpine Skiing, Downhill

About Jared:

Jared was born in Boston and learned to ski in Killington, VT. He plays guitar and drums, and is a big fan of surfing. This is Jared’s first time competing for America in the Olympics.


Brian Hansen (Second to the left, rocking the headband)

Sport: Long Track Speedskating

About Jared:

He studied business at Marquette University. He competed in the 2010 Olympic Winter games, bringing home the silver in men’s team pursuit. Brian’s favorite movie is Cool Runnings.


Aiden Kelly

Sport: Luge

About Aiden:

Born in ’94, Aiden is still a freshman at DeVry University. This is first time competing in the Olympic Games.


Bode Miller

Sport: Alpine Skiing

About Bode:

Born in Easton, New Hampshire and grew up in Franconia. He is known for his fearless skiing, often risking crashing to increase his chances of winning. Bode was put into the spotlight for his outspoken personality and unorthodox behavior.


Bobby Brown


Sport: Freeskiing

About Bobby:

Born in ’91, Bobby is a five-time X Games medalist. He is sponsored by Redbull, Under Armour, Skullcandy, and more. This is Bobby’s first time competing in the Olympics.


Shaun White

Sport: Snowboarding (Halfpipe)

About Shaun:

Shaun is a two time gold medalist in men’s halfpipe, in 2006 and 2010. He is an eight-time Winter X Games superpipe champion. Shaun is also a professional skateboarder. He is the first athlete to compete and medal in both the Summer and Winter X Games in two different sports. 

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