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With Covid still present in our lives, it’s hard for the holidays to feel normal. A lot of the things we normally do aren’t open or going on this year.  But there are still many ways to get into the holiday spirit and have fun. Here are a few of my favorites!


1.Christmas lights

Covid or not, seeing Christmas lights is a fun thing to do during the holidays. A lot of towns have made lists of the best neighborhoods and places to go and it’s an easy search online! Covid safe but also still fun.



One of my personal favorites because I love food. Try new recipes or make family recipes. One of the newest things in hot chocolate bombs. I’ve seen these everywhere and look fun and easy to make!


3.Ice Skating

Many outdoor ice rinks have stayed open and are a fun and safe activity to do, whether with family or friends. 


4.Outdoor dining bubbles

These have become a big thing amongst covid. Many restaurants are offering outdoor heated bubbles for small parties of people. You can enjoy your food and drinks outdoors and many are lit at night. A fun way to get out the house and do something. 



Always a favorite, just staying in and watching holiday movies. With some snacks and warm blankets and drinks, it’s always a favorite. 


The Holidays shouldn’t be affected by covid and should stay a time to spend with family and friends and have a break from work and school. I hope these activities can help you still have fun this year. 

Hi I'm Kenzi! I currently attend the University of New Hampshire. I am undecided for a major but I am looking into communications, marketing, or even Human development and family sciences! I love traveling and social media.
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