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Coldplay is FINALLY Releasing a New Album

          Coldplay released two new songs last week and I am LIVING for them. The two songs, titled Orphans and Arabesque are the first of a new album being released at the end of November, called Everyday Life. The last time they released new music was over 2 years ago with A Head Full of Dreams, making not one but 2 world tours (one of which I attended :), ending by saying the album felt like the 7th Harry Potter novel, the end of an era. Though as we’ve seen for years, the band often says their time is up and comes flying out the gate with another hit. It’s just in time too as the band is nearing its 25 year in the biz birthday, one that many artists never attain with such relevancy.

            The amount of time the Coldplay has been around is astounding as it really is difficult to keep up with a changing market. The band has evolved from their first album with Yellow, The Scientist, and other popular songs that gave the band a name for being mellow and something to listen to as background music. They then reinvented themselves as almost gospel sounding as the band struggled with where their music was headed and we were given Viva la Vida. Chris and Gwennie’s divorce was an album (Ghost Stories), finding happiness and the end of an era was an album (A Head Full of Dreams). The new album, at least what I’m expecting, is moving forward and moving on from the past 25 years of struggle and sadness. From the taste we have been given, I think that the album is going to be a mix of old and new Coldplay sound, a good way to go out.

            I, for one, am already saving for my ticket for the concert and WILL be attending, once again, to see my favorite band play what could possibly be their last bout of shows. I will also be staying awake on November 21st waiting for the album to come out, I hope I won’t be alone :))

Hey babes, my name is Sydney and I’m currently a sophomore nursing major! I’m a native of the beach so I’m obsessed with the ocean, but I also love swimming and meeting new people. I’ve been reading HC National since middle school and I’m so pumped to now be writing for UNH’s chapter :)
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