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Christina Haack `13

Christina Haack is a senior here a UNH who’s hometown is Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania. This past summer she landed an internship most people would die to have, in California with a Production company. Watch out for the Communications Major and Film Studies Minor because she’s doing big things and one day could be producing your favorite movie!

How did you land the internship with Russell Brand?
This summer I worked for a production company in Los Angeles California. The Production Company is called Dakota Pictures. They are best known for producing television shows like Viva La Bam, Flight of the Concords, Television shorts for MTV and the Oscars, Jack Frost the movie, and this summers FX show BrandX with Russell Brand. BrandX is a live unfiltered take on current events, pop culture and politics. Towards the end of the show he brought in certain guests to interview like Meta World Peace, Kurt Sutter, and Shepard Fairey. The show starts filming again in October for the second season.

How long did you do it for?
I worked for the company for 2 and half months. My main internship job was a wide range of activities and tasks. One week I would be writing coverage on scripts that came in to the company that could possibly be up for production to helping out in the writers’ room for research. My favorite part of the internship was being able to hang out on set and help out with pre and postproduction. Every week was something different, which I fully enjoyed.

Do you intend to continue this into your future?
After I graduate I would like to take the time to move out to LA and continue learning and experiencing the production side of the film/television business. My dream job one day is to be a producer and produce my own television show.

What is the best part of the internship?
The best part of the internship was getting to view how television/films are created and produced. There is so much work and time put into creating a show that most people do not realize. You get to know the people you work with fast. Also, I mean who wouldn’t want to meet Russell Brand and the chance to hang out with him 3 times a week during the summer? Russell is a smart, intellectual, down to earth guy. He is very laid back and spiritual on top of being absolutely hilarious. On the show Russell is very comfortable with the audience and takes the time to get to know each audience member personally. At times he likes to go out into the audience to interact with them and will even sit in your lap! He truly loves and enjoys interacting with people.

Any other cool stories?
Russell Brand actually got to brand and tattoo someone on the show himself!!!

(Christina’s name is third from the bottom!)

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