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Campus Cutie: Nicole Sayed

Introducing this week’s Campus Cutie!! Check out what she’s involved in here at UNH!



The Basics

Age: 21

Year: Senior

 Major: Communication

Hometown: Taunton, MA

Relationship Status: Single

Describe yourself in three words: Easy-going, talkative, spontaneous

What do you like to do in your free time? Watch sports, discover new places, sing and play guitar

What are you involved with on campus? I work for UNH Athletics as a sports marketing intern for Hockey, Football, Basketball, and Gymnastics. I also work at the UNH Dunks 


All About UNH


Favorite place on campus: T-Hall Lawn (when it’s warm out) or the Whit during a packed hockey game

Favorite place off campus: Anywhere in Portsmouth

Favorite pre-game song: Probably anything by Beibs right now, he’s fire

Favorite event at UNH: Cinco… is that an event?

Favorite UNH sports team to watch: Men’s Hockey or Football

Favorite class you have taken at UNH: Organizational Behavior with Peter Hughes

Favorite coffee spot around campus: Java Hut in Dover!



This or That: 

Fall or Spring semester at UNH? Fall 100%

CampCo or DHOP? DHOP is honestly my favorite pizza on this planet

Stillings, HoCo or Philly? Hoco by far

Study at Dimond or Paul? Paul

Cats or Dogs? Can I have both?


Boys Boys Boys

Favorite feature in a guy: Smile

What would be your ideal date? Take me to a Bruins, Red Sox, or Patriots game and I’ll love you

Any major turn offs? Cockiness

Brunette, blonde, or red head? Tall, dark and handsome 

Fun Facts: 

What is your favorite sports team? Boston Bruins

Who is your celebrity crush? Ben Higgins, the next Bachelor

Drink of choice: Captain and Coke

What is your favorite series to binge watch on Netflix? I don’t have Netflix, but I love Breaking Bad. Favorite show of all time.


All photos courtesy of Nicole Sayed. 

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