Campus Cutie Justin Mello

Introducing this week's campus cutie, UNH football player Justin Mello! Justin just might be the funniest person you'll ever meet and you can definitely tell in his responses. He is single ladies, but if you want a chance with this hot commodity you better know how to twerk ;) You can find him at Scorps on the weekends and we hope you love pizza because there's a high chance he'll make his way to DHOP after. Let's get to know him!



Hometown: Dartmouth, Mass.

School/Year: UNH alumni/unemployed/2014

Major: Sociology and Justice Studies


UNH Life

Residence: Cottages

Best Class: Theatre and dance

Worst Class: Finite math, is for the birds

Fun Facts: I have all 5 one direction action figures (dolls) and I wear women's deodorant

(Justin and Harry Styles himself)

Biggest Pet Peeve: People who don’t hustle across the crosswalk

Favorite Family Vacation: I’ve only been on one so by default a cruise to St. thomas.

Most embarrassing moment: Every weekend night I order over 4 slices of pizza from DHOP

Favorite Movie: Pitch Perfect and The Dark Knight Trilogy

Favorite Chick Flick: Big fan of chick flicks but probably Crazy Stupid Love.

Favorite TV Show: Modern Family

Celeb Crush: Miley Cyrus makes me feel tingly inside

Dream Job: An actor but at this point I’ll settle for a job at subway

Favorite UNH sport: Equestrian, unless we have a curling team

Favorite hangout spot on campus: Scorps

Love Life

Single or Taken: Single lolz

Ideal Girl: A girl who will share a steak, a bottle of red and some good conversation... and who isn’t imaginary

Ideal Date: Split a gallon of ice cream and watch some netflix

Funny Date Stories?: So I hadn’t been on a date in a while and finally went out with this girl and it went really well until I woke up the next morning to a snapchat she accidentally sent me of her pooping... needless to say i dumped her, pun intended

Deal Breakers?: someone who can’t twerk


This or That

Christensen or Williamson? Neither

Philly or Hoco? Hoco

DHOP or Dominos? DHOP

Sammy’s or CampCo? CampCo until they bring Linda back

Summer or Fall? Summer

Mac or PC? Mac for days

Advice to Freshmen: Follow your heart and you’ll never go wrong

If you could pick the next Campus Cutie who would it be and why? Andy Valias because if i was a girl I’d date him, I’d date him so hard!