Campus Cutie Brennan Young 2018

So, if you've thought any of our cuties in the past were perfect-you obviously haven't met Brennan yet. He's a freshman with the most adorable smile and isn't afraid to boogie down (after all, he did perform Beyonce's single ladies for his whole school once). Read up and get to know why he's such a hot commodity!!!


Hometown: Lee, NH

Major: Health Management and Policy


UNH Life

Residence: Christensen Hall

Best Class: Epidemiology

Worst Class: Psychology Statistics



Fun Facts

Biggest Pet Peeve: Those who are always on their phone

Favorite Family Vacation: Aruba with my brother

Most Embarrassing Moment: Performing Beyonce’s Single Ladies dance for my school’s male beauty/talent contest in a leotard

Favorite Movie: Out Cold

Favorite Chick Flick: The Notebook

Favorite TV Show:  Parks and Recreation

Celeb Crush: Blake Lively

Man Crush: Kevin Bacon

Dream Job: Director of a children’s research hospital

Favorite UNH sport: Hockey

Love Life

Single or Taken: Taken

Ideal Girl:  Recognizes the importance of being not so serious in this serious world, loves activities, spontaneous

Ideal Date: Rollerblading and a picnic on the beach 

Deal Breakers?: If the girl isn’t active or is lazy


This or That:

Christensen or Williamson? Christensen

Philly or Hoco? Philly

DHOP or Dominoes? DHOP

Blondes or Brunettes? Blondes

Store 24 or CampCo? CampCo

Summer or Fall? Summer

Mac or PC? Mac


If you could pick the next Campus Cutie who would it be and why?

Chris King, because his passion for life and passion to help others succeed makes him the biggest stud I know.  It doesn’t matter who yout are, this guy will do absolutely anything for you.