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Campus Cutie: Amanda Marino

The Basics

Name: Amanda Lynn Marino

Hometown: Farmington, Connecticut

Age: 21

Major: Neuroscience

Relationship Status: Taken, but always looking to improve. 

Describe yourself in three words: A Good Time

What do you like to do on your free time: Watch the Office

What are you invovled with on campus: Women’s club volleyball 

UNH Favorites 

Favorite place on campus: The unisex bathrooms in the MUB

Favorite place off campus: Big Bean in Newmarket 

Favorite pre-game song: Everybody In The Club Gets Shot by Father (It’s a good song to jam to) 

Favorite event at UNH: Homecoming

Favorite UNH sports team to watch: The women’s volleyball team, I’m the number one fan. 

Favorite class you’ve taken at UNH: Psychobiology with Professor Tornick 

Favorite Bar to go on campus: The Knot

Drink of choice: Tequila


Would You Rather: 

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate

Fall, Winter, or Spring of UNH? Fall

Wildcat Pizza or DHOP? DHOP

Stillings or HoCo? HoCo

Study at Dimond or Paul? Dimond

Dogs or Cats? Dogs

All About The Guys: 

Favorite feature in a guy: a mean mustache

What would be your ideal date? Justin Bieber picking me up in his whip and then going to the beach where he will sing me, “Sorry”, repeatedly 

Any major turnoffs: Hardos

Brunette, blonde, or red head? Blondes

Fun Facts: 

Fun Fact: I’m really good at singing The Sound of Music soundtrack

What is your favorite sports team? New England Patriots and the Golden State Warriors

Who is celebrity crush? Justin Bieber

Who is your women crush? Rihanna

Favorite series to binge watch on Netflix? The Office 

All photos courtesy of Amanda Marino

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