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The Bus Etiquette Guide

I am on the Gables bus, early in the morning, waiting anxiously and impatiently for the pedestrians to cross as I am already late for my class in Mub, Theatre ll. The bus driver has packed us like sardines and luckily I’ve landed myself a seat so I don’t have to hold on for dear life this morning. By the time we make it to T-Hall, most of the people standing have gotten off. The bus moseys down Main Street.

“Holloway Commons; MUB,” the bus barks in a monotonous ring. I get up, pardoning myself, weaving in and out of backpacks and protruding knees from the vertical seats. Awkwardly trying to keep my flip flops on my feet and my shirt from rising, I shuffle my way down the aisle solo. Much to my surprise, I look up to meet the face of a maxi-dress wearing moron, who’s standing in the middle of the row, distracted by her iPhone and Aroma Joes, barreling straight toward me! The bus driver instructs her that I’m still coming off the bus, haphazardly she acknowledges him but still, she continues down the row.

“Oh, excuse me,” I muster, trying to move to the right of her. Her left shoulder crashes into my right side, shocking my petite body. I shake my head in disbelief, only because I am fully aware she knew what she was doing. I get off the bus, only to be greeted by other onlookers, just as shocked to have witnessed what just happened to me. “..people these days!” I mutter with a smerk.

We all ride the bus here once and awhile at UNH but in order to make it as tolerable as possible, it is crucial to keep in mind the general rules of thumb when riding the bus:

1. Let everyone off before you climb in! This goes for doors to buildings and elevators, too. When in doubt, LET THEM OUT!

2. If your backpack is perched on an open seat and someone else is forced to stand, be a good citizen and move it! Yes, you can suffer the five minute ride sitting next to a stranger. Trust me, it’s good practice for the real world for goodness sake!

3. Say thank you to the bus driver! They appreciate it when you appreciate them! It doesn’t take much to manage to thank them. Politeness goes a long way.
Keep these things in mind the next time you’re on the bus, whether you’re on your way to class or to the mall or your feet are just too sore to walk anymore. Don’t be that girl, too busy with her phone to realize she was in the wrong!

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